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K-9 Department

This department consists of two units namely the Explosives Detection Dogs and the Patrol Dogs. We are the only Security Company that adopts the policy of 1 Dog Handler to a dog.  This is the only way to get the best results with the K-9.

This particular K-9 unit was established, due to the increase of Urban Terror in the Western Cape.

The South African Police Services are also unable to cope with inundated calls of bomb threats.
We are now able to offer our clients the service of having an explosive detection K-9 to their disposal.

The Explosive-D K-9 are subjected to 3 months of training where they are taught to detect devices containing explosive materials.

Explosive-D K-9’s are not aggressive, this being due to them having to interact with the Public/Guests.

Patrol K-9 dogs are trained for the Protection of Property and Individuals.

They are generally used for Perimeter Patrols, Crowd Control, Building Searches and Tracking of Perpetrators from a crime scene.

Patrol K-9’s are subjected to 3 months of training where they are taught all the above attributes.

The Patrol K-9’s are aggressive, and work strictly on command of their handler. They have generally very little inter-action with the Public/Guests.

All handlers and their trusted partners are subjected to weekly evaluation and training.

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